gear recommendations

a curated gear guide brought to you by our team of pickleball connoisseurs (including tour pros)

Gear Recommendations


Bantam EX-L


Skill : Intermediate

Style : accuracy

A paddle used by pros for under $100, the Bantam EX-L is best for players who prioritize power and consistency over spin and control. The sound and feel of a crushed overhead is just right, even if you miss the sweet spot.

Encore MX 6.0


Skill : Advanced

Style : Control

This advanced paddle is ideal for ex-tennis players, featuring a longer face and handle to extend reach and generate power. With the MX 6.0, players can expect surgical precision with every shot.



Skill : Intermediate

Style : Control

The Onix Z5 has been a staple of the midrange paddle ecosystem for years, and for good reason. It's a trusty do-it-all paddle at a reasonable price— great for players honing various types of shots with consistency and control.