gear recommendations

a curated gear guide brought to you by our team of pickleball connoisseurs (including tour pros)

Gear Recommendations




Skill : Beginner

Recess's Classic paddle comes in a variety of chic, Austin-inspired patterns for the aesthetically-minded player. It's lightweight and a little bouncy, great for beginners and those who play pickle for the social aspect.

Bantam EX-L


Skill : Intermediate

Style : accuracy

A paddle used by pros for under $100, the Bantam EX-L is best for players who prioritize power and consistency over spin and control. The sound and feel of a crushed overhead is just right, even if you miss the sweet spot.

Ben Johns Signature


Skill : Advanced

Style : power

Ben Johns is the Michael Jordan of pickleball and this is his paddle. It's ideal for players looking to generate real power without sacrificing much control or spin. Our best guess for the low price-point is that it's made by sporting goods behemoth Franklin—it could easily sell for more.

Encore Composite


Skill : Intermediate

Style : power

One of our pros described this paddle as "way better than anything below $100." Encore's textured surface makes it ideal for spin, but this paddle still packs a punch. Great for intermediate players looking to take the next step.

Tyro 2 Pro


Skill : Beginner

Style : Control

This paddle is a great low-cost option with a nicely textured surface that will add spin and control to your game. We recommend it for those just getting into pickleball—perhaps you've been borrowing your friends' paddles and are ready for a piece of equipment to call your own!