gear recommendations

a curated gear guide brought to you by our team of pickleball connoisseurs (including tour pros)

Gear Recommendations




There are only two balls you should consider: Franklin X-40 and Dura Fast 40 (40 = 40 holes, which is the sport standard). Many starter pickleball sets come with balls, but you should put those aside. Franklin and Dura are like chocolate and vanilla, but we prefer the Franklins for their perfect balance of speed, hardness, and durability. They're also the tournament standard and it's best to build the feel early! Erne Tip: Get the 12-pack. Unfortunately, pickleballs wear down and eventually crack. You’ll be bummed if your game is cut short because your balls broke.



Skill : Beginner

If you're just getting started, pick up one of the cheap composite or graphite paddles from Amazon. Anything from $25 for 1 to $60 for 2 should work. (We recommend Niupipo, although it's likely that other brands are made in the same factory.) Just don't buy a wood paddle!